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I have given birth 8 times. After my 4th baby was born I realized that models of care vary widely in the birth world, and not all of it is evidence based. I began reading books, research articles and watching documentaries. I was amazed by all of the information and knowledge that is available and frustrated with how disjointed and challenging it was to piece together. It became fundamentally important to me to share everything I had gained with other women in an easy to digest format. When expectant parents know their options and the evidence for optimal care in childbirth they can advocate for their individual needs and often have a more satisfying and meaningful birth experience with skills and tools to enhance the process. To help facilitate this, I've created an innovative approach to learning about the birth process that makes it possible for couples to easily access the information that I had to dig so deep to find.


I feel that many educational methods provide a specific path for couples to implement, often without thoroughly explaining the underlying reasons for why that path may be effective. This narrow approach may work for some mothers, but may leave others without all of the tools and knowledge that they might need for their birth. My method is different because we first learn in depth and in a clear and concise format about the inner workings of the laboring body. We learn the 6 core concepts for comfort in labor and these lay a foundation for a better understanding of all of the paths one may take. Then parents are provided with a wide variety of comfort measures and many different tools and techniques that they can explore and implement with the deeper knowledge of WHY these skills and comfort measures might work for them. They are truly in charge of their birth process, empowered and strengthened through the skills and understanding that they develop. With this knowledge they can individualize their path to meet their unique needs!

I've worked with couples who have chosen birth center, home and hospital settings. With a foundational understanding of the birth process and a complete set of tools and skills it is possible to have a meaningful and satisfying birth both in and out of the hospital. My goal is for each couple to feel empowered and strong. I want the knowledge and information that I had to work so hard to achieve to be accessible and attainable for other parents to benefit from. Each mother should feel confident that she has everything she needs to prepare for the birth that she wants. I do not want any other mother to say, "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

Meet Chava

I am a certified doula and childbirth educator. I have given birth 8 times. The experiences were transformative, empowering, enriching and inexplicably meaningful. I am enthusiastic about working with families during their own journey into parenthood. Every mom deserves to feel safe and nurtured during labor while feeling empowered and strong. I look forward to joining you as you learn and prepare for your birth and baby.

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