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Many childbirth methods focus on techniques. Birth Made Clear helps expectant couples understand WHY the techniques work. We unlock the mystery of birth. We then cover a wide variety of skills, tools and techniques. With this deeper knowledge of the inner workings of the laboring body, parents can more effectively choose and apply the techniques that are right for them. We don't give parents a narrow path to follow. We empower them to feel confident choosing the path that best meets their unique needs!

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How Birth Made Clear Began

When I gave birth to my first four children, I had no knowledge of the options available to women who want to have a natural labor, and had no awareness of the different models of care. I had chosen an epidural for my first four deliveries, even though it was not my first preference. I never really liked the flat feeling and side effects and each time conspired to avoid the medication. I didn't know doulas existed. I had no idea what a midwife was. I knew nothing about natural birth. Purely by chance I had a care provider who practiced expectant management for my first three labors. I walked away from the process feeling slightly dissatisfied, but mostly intact. It wasn't until my forth baby that I realized how widely models of care can vary.


The experience taught me so much. The OB placed time limits on my labor. She expected me to dilate and push according to a predetermined time frame. When my baby had not emerged at the end of an hour, she proceeded to the tray on the other side of the room to prepare her tools. For what? I can only guess: an episiotomy? forceps? Thankfully, I never found out! As soon as she walked away I felt the urge to push. I vocalized and I roared like a lion as my 9lb 2oz son moved through my body with ease. The doctor scolded me, "Don't yell! That is not going to help anything." It was at this moment that the L&D nurse locked eyes with me and gave me the most encouraging and knowing smile. She had full confidence in my body and I could see it in her expression. That look gave me the inner strength to keep going! Four easy pushes and my son came flying into the world. The OB had to run across the room to catch him. That birth was both extremely rewarding and deeply traumatizing . The poor bedside manner and behavior of the doctor left me wounded. I had felt scared. I felt intimidated. I also felt empowered and strengthened by what my body had done and the energy the nurse and I shared. 

The process left me searching for answers. I knew I didn't want to give birth without understanding my options ever again. It was the spring board I needed to ask questions. I began seeking answers from everyone I thought could help. I finally came across someone who told me that I could give birth at home if I wanted. I was floored. She told me I could have a doula and a midwife. She recommended some books on natural childbirth that she thought I might like. 

I read every book I could get my hands on to the point where I had eye strain and my midwife told me to stop reading.  I tried to relax my eyes and slow down my pace somewhat when reading, but I could not stop! I researched the history of natural childbirth and the development of birth practices through to our modern era, learning about historical figures and their impact on the way birth is viewed and approached. I took a natural childbirth class. I read about the safety of out of hospital birth, watched documentaries, analyzed the inner workings of the institutionalized hospital setting and discovered that the maternal mortality rates in the US are dismal. I also learned about the dissatisfaction that women worldwide are experiencing with birth. I was amazed at all of the information and knowledge that is available! I kept asking why no one had ever told me any of this before. It became fundamentally important to me to share everything I had gained with other women.


My fifth baby was born at home and my doula introduced me to a rebozo, belly lifting and an undisturbed birth. Everything I had been learning came together in the most beautiful way possible. She and my midwife worked together to help me maximize comfort, facilitate optimal positioning and provided an environment where I felt supported and safe. It was the most incredible euphoric experience. It was empowering and healing. After his birth I became a certified childbirth educator and doula and I've been serving clients for the past 7 years. I've continued reading and researching! I've also created an innovative approach to learning about the birth process that makes it possible for couples to easily accesses the information that I had to dig so deep to find.


I feel that many educational methods provide a specific path for couples to implement, often without thoroughly explaining the underlying reasons for why that path may be effective. This narrow approach may work for some mothers, but may leave others without all of the tools and knowledge that they might need for their birth. My method is different because we first learn in depth and in a clear and concise format about the inner workings of the laboring body. We learn the 6 core concepts for comfort in labor and these lay a foundation for a better understanding of all of the paths one may take. Then parents are provided with a wide variety of comfort measures and many different tools and techniques that they can explore and implement with the deeper knowledge of WHY these skills and comfort measures might work for them. They are truly in charge of their birth process, empowered and strengthened through the skills and understanding that they develop. With this knowledge they can individualize their path to meet their unique needs!

I've worked with couples who have chosen birth center, home and hospital settings. With a foundational understanding of the birth process and a complete set of tools and skills it is possible to have a meaningful and satisfying birth both in and out of the hospital. My goal is for each couple to feel empowered and strong. I want the knowledge and information that I had to work so hard to achieve to be accessible and attainable for other parents to benefit from. Each mother should feel confident that she has everything she needs to prepare for the birth that she wants. I do not want any other mother to say, "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

Meet Chava

I am a certified doula and childbirth educator. I have given birth seven times. The experiences were transformative, empowering, enriching and inexplicably meaningful. I am enthusiastic about working with families during their own journey into parenthood. Every mom deserves to feel safe and nurtured during labor while feeling empowered and strong. I look forward to joining you as you learn and prepare for your birth and baby.

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