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Your Online Birth Class



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From the first moments of your birth preparation through to all things postpartum, we will provide you with tips, strategies, information and skills to guide you along every step of the way.

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Why are some labors more comfortable than others or why do some seem to take forever while others happen rapidly? 

Is this all by chance or is there logic and reason behind it?

What can you do to make your birth process smoother? 

Do you want to avoid tearing?

Does your partner want to know how they can help?

Do you want to enter motherhood feeling strong, empowered and confident?

Do you have a million similar questions or imagine that there may be questions that you have not even thought of to ask?

Then you have come to the right place!


We have you covered!

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Here is what's included:

Class One

The Six Core Concepts for Maximizing Comfort in Labor

Complete with Breathing, Relaxation and Positioning Exercises

Unlock the secrets for comfort in childbirth

Learn how to work with your body!

Enter into your first contraction and every contraction after with total confidence in your ability to do this!

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What makes labor easier?

Learn what each of the 6 core concepts can do for you!

  • What does your body need? Discover how the environment, the participants and your personal preparation may set you up for a more comfortable and smooth birth. We will guide you through all of the props, tools, and skills you will need to help your body labor comfortably and easily. Most importantly, you will learn WHY these things work well so that you can make them effective for you!


  • Does the position of my baby matter? Learn about more than breech vs. head down! Learn how the labor pattern can tell you about subtle positioning issues and learn techniques for dealing with them. This can change the whole course of your labor!

  • How can nutrition impact the process? Learn specific dietary guidelines that will help support your body for a healthy pregnancy and birth!


  • How does breathing help? Access guided practice and detailed instructions for proper breathing for birth. Discover unique breathing skills to help birth flow well including techniques for each stage of labor and throughout. 

  • Do our thoughts and beliefs matter? We will dive into the depths of our mind and our cultural programming to replace dramatized images and beliefs with the reality of what birth might really look like for us. ​

  • What is a rebozo? Explore a simple yet amazing item for comfort in labor. Learn how to apply it in pregnancy and throughout labor to help with progress and comfort. We will teach you rebozo sifting, lifting, the knee press and so much more! The possibilities are endless!

  • Birth Affirmations? What are they and how can they help? You will be provided with beautiful birth affirmations and the potential for their powerful impact will be revealed! They can transform the birth process!

  • How can I benefit from positive birth videos? Birth videos give us the ability to imagine the possibilities for our own birth. We should analyze the movements, deep relaxation, breathing skills and partner support so that these things can be incorporated into our own birth!

  • Should I do Kegels? Learn why Kegels might cause more problems than they fix and what you should do instead! We will learn about an exercise that is more natural, intuitive and impactful to prepare your pelvic floor for birth!

  • Is Perineal Massage important? What can I do to prevent tearing? Perineal Massage may only make a small difference, if any, to reduce your risk of tearing. Uncover a simple technique that does a much better job! It is able to achieve the same goal with much less effort and with more effectiveness. I can't wait to share this with you! 

Dive into the history of birth over the last century and a half and rediscover the hidden mysteries of birth for yourself! Meet brave historical figures who had a passion and curiosity for understanding what made birth work well and who sought to make the process more fluid and easy for the women they were able to help. Discover their conclusions and tie it all together for a complete picture and gain a valuable window into your body's amazing natural potential!

Class Two

The Stages of Labor

Complete with Comfort Measures and an Interactive Learning Activity

Practice and explore Tools & Skills

Learn comfort measures that could make your birth Amazing!

Know what to expect from each stage!

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How can I shorten my labor?

Discover 3 essential things that may take hours off of your labor

  • What does a contraction feel like? Discover the many different ways contractions may be felt and what all of those sensations may mean. 

  • How will I know when to call my midwife or leave for my place of birth? Learn the patterns and time intervals that will help you track labor. Discover tricks and tips to make changes at just the right times.

  • How will we know when active labor really begins? We will learn the emotional and physical signs that are unique to each stage and partners will have all of the strategies and skills they need to support you at each change. 

  • What does pushing feel like and how do I know I am ready? We will help you to know just when to respond and how to read the signals to follow your body's lead! Would you be surprised to know that many mothers who have given birth before look forward to this stage! In this stage the mom works with her body in a unique way. Learn the invigorating and exciting sensations of the pushing phase and find out what is really happening with your uterus as your baby is brought into the world!

  • What is a TENS Unit and how does water immersion help with Labor? While these comfort measures should not be combined, they are two often overlooked yet incredible tools! Learn when each one might be most helpful in labor and why they may make all the difference for some moms! Explore many more coping skills and comfort measures to complete your tool box so that it is full for your birth!

  • How will I know which comfort measures are right for me? We explore a wide variety of comfort measures and tools, so that parents feel fully prepared! Fill up your birth tool kit with Birth Made Clear. Most importantly, know how and why each one works with a focus on individualized application!

  • How can I avoid back labor? Sometimes the baby may have more difficulty navigating down and through the pelvis. Learn how to respond to signals your body is sending you! Learn how these signals may impact your comfort and learn skills to fix the issue or prevent it from happening in the first place. 

While some classes give only a few comfort measures or focus on a narrow path for parents to follow with little explanation, Birth Made Clear builds on the knowledge of the physiological process so that parents can learn about an extensive array of tools & techniques, filling their tool box with comfort measures and coping skills. This way they can make use of the methods and items that make the most sense for them in the moment. When parents know what is happening in the laboring mother's body, it will be clear to them what tools and skills will help facilitate the process best. They can more effectively acquire and implement comfort strategies.

Class Three

Special Circumstances

Complete with Tools and Skills to Help Parents Stay Low Risk

Home, Birth Center, or Hospital

No matter where you decide to give birth, we will help you make it smooth along every step of the way

If a couple needs to be in the hospital for any reason, planned or not, this section will give you all of the coping and communication skills you will need!

Couple expecting a child holding hands w

Should I have Cervical Exams?

Learn how this seemingly simple intervention can have big consequences

  • What can I do to avoid or stop the cascade of interventions? One thing easily leads to another in birth and we need skills and information to empower us to stop the domino effect from spiraling out of control. Learn how to stop the flow of interventions in their track with confidence and decision making tools and perhaps more importantly, learn how to stop them before they begin!


  • Things in labor happen fast. How will we know if something is an emergency or not and when it is ok to say no to a recommended procedure? Learn decision making tools that you can apply quickly and confidently to make decisions on the spot. Learn the research behind many archaic and outdated policies that could impact birth negatively. Learn what questions uncover the most information in the shortest amount of time. Discover the 2 most common models of care that you might find in the hospital and learn which one helps to keep a lower risk profile. Discover techniques to communicate positively with the staff without feeling overrun and out of control, while maintaining safety at the same time!


  • Why is monitoring my baby important and what is the best monitoring option? Discover how to keep track of your baby's health through their heart tracings in the safest way possible. Learn the gold standard for monitoring and learn how monitoring done in other ways could actually increase the chance of poor heart tracings and lead to a cesarean.

  • What is an epidural, really? Explore all of rare and not so rare side effects. Learn the most common reasons why a mom might choose to have an epidural (hint: It is not what you might think). Learn why a break in labor might lead to tons of work in the postpartum period or even to a cesarean delivery in some cases. Discover 2 key ways you can reduce the potential that you might want any pain medication. 

  • What if I need an induction? Learn about common induction options, medications and low risk techniques to make the induction more gentle on you and your baby. Also, discover effective natural ways to help your body move into labor more easily and safely. You won't get a list of natural induction methods this extensive anywhere else!

Feel confident navigating every twist and turn your birth might take along the path to your baby. Discover ways to mitigate and reduce risk, potentially avoiding it altogether. Become quickly and fully informed about all of your options and learn the language of the hospital, how to most effectively communicate with the staff and many of their behind the scenes motivations and interactions. The reality might surprise you! Learn ways to interact with your whole birth team to help keep things peaceful, positive and on track for a meaningful and comfortable birth.

Class Four

Breastfeeding, Infant Care & Postpartum Wellness

Complete with Babywearing Information and an Interactive Activity

The Golden Hour

Learn Skills for Successful Breastfeeding!

Make your recovery effective and positive! Discover the best way to heal your body while getting to know your new little one. Learn how partners can facilitate healing and what helps everyone bond.

Give yourself the best start possible into motherhood!

Happy Family

What can I do to Breastfeed Successfully?

Unlock the skills and resources that will help things flow smoothly

  • What do I need to know about Breastfeeding? Learn the key things that you can do in the first few weeks that will set you up for long-term breastfeeding success. Discover an amazing breastfeeding position that you are guaranteed to love. Learn the #1 most important thing that you can do postpartum to help breastfeeding flow easily! 

  • When should my baby have a bath? You will be amazed when you uncover what delaying your baby's bath can do for the breastfeeding relationship! You will also learn how long to delay the bath and the many reasons why.

  • Why do some mothers give up or stop breastfeeding? Lack of support is the number one reason why breastfeeding is not successful, so the first thing we do is learn how to build a great support team. We also lay a solid foundation for understanding how to help the milk flow well, learn tips and strategies for maximizing production, reducing discomfort and for making the process enjoyable. 


  • How do I help my baby sleep? Sleep needs can vary from person to person and babies are no different. Their individual personality plays a role. Explore ways to help your baby sleep well and safely. Discover the differences between 1 week and 6 weeks postpartum. Learn what normal sleeping needs and behavior look like and how to work with your baby's natural rhythms.

  • What is the golden hour and how can we make the most of it? Learn why the first 2 hours after the baby's birth are so important. 

  • Is there one single item every mother should have? Yes, and it is so essential that you will not know how other parents survive without it! Learn what this is and why it can change your life for the better! Do not miss out on this one!

Enter parenthood with tons of skills and valuable information to make the transition into this new phase of life easier. Learn what to look for and how to tell if it is normal or not. Access great resources, videos and guidelines for a safe and positive start! You are going to be an amazing parent! Your love for your baby already shines through!


I'm convinced that you will love this class!

I'm so confident that I guarantee your satisfaction or you can have your money back within 30 days!

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