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We don't just teach techniques. We teach you WHY they work.​

Maximize the potential for your birth experience to be beautiful, meaningful, fulfilling and joyful

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Phone, email and text support provided with a birth mentor

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 Each class has 2 sessions, one for learning and one for application

8 sessions total!

You set the pace!

Interactive Zoom Sessions and Group Classes available!

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Shine a light on the Birth Process

We don't give you a narrow path to follow. We empower you with a foundational understanding of the birth process and then provide you with a complete set of tools and techniques so that you can confidently choose the path that best meets your unique needs.

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""Chava is a warm, caring person who deeply believes every woman should have the birthing experience she wants."

- Alexandra

Have you wondered...


How will we know when labor begins?

What does a contraction feel like?

What are my options?

What is a Doula?

Learn Skills

Comfort Measures

  • Breathing Skills

  • Movement

  • Touch

  • Vocalization

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Relaxation

  • Visualization

  • Guided Imagery

  • Tools and Techniques

















Prepare for Life with Baby



Breastfeeding is not always intuitive, but a little preparation goes a long way. Building a support network and learning the basics will help to set you up for success. We will cover how to position baby, latch effectively and how to build a good milk supply. We will also cover ways to handle sleeping needs, soothing baby and bonding. Expectations and plans for postpartum health will be included too!

"When she left, I felt not only like I had all the information I needed but I felt confident and somewhat excited about it.  That says a lot about someone who gets you EXCITED for contractions!  She loves women, babies and birth.  Its so clear, its written all over her face when she first greets you every time." 

- Michelle

Take a class that will prepare you for a more comfortable and enjoyable birth!

The only online childbirth education class that offers individualized phone, email and text support with an assigned birth mentor!

When you know more about the physiological process you can apply the comfort measures you learn more effectively

Knowing WHY things work personalizes the skills

Remove the mystery from birth

Discover the Stages of Labor in a fresh new way

  • Learn how and why particular techniques and skills will help set you on the path to understanding and working with your body.

  • Learn how to help the process move as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Find ways to maximize comfort and explore tools and concepts that are brought together in a cohesive and comprehensive class made with you in mind!

Breastfeeding, Infant Care and Postpartum Wellness

  • Learn skills and strategies for successful breastfeeding

  • Learn ways to help enhance your postpartum recovery time to maximize healing and bonding.

  • Gain access to soothing techniques and develop a better understanding of a newborn's physiological needs and behaviors.  

With Knowledge Comes Peace & Confidence

Prepare for Birth & Baby

Build your village and gain valuable knowledge and friendship from other parents

Online Community

  • All class participants will be invited to join an online forum where they can connect, post questions and feel safe and supported. Community is an important part of birth preparation and the more access we have to other parents who are going through similar life events, the more we will be able to help each other as we learn and grow.

  • You will also be assigned an individualized birth mentor to help guide you through the course. You will have phone, text and email support as you prepare for your birth and adjust to life with your baby! 

Join a class that facilitates bonding & skill building, setting parents up to feel confident and empowered in an environment where learning is fun

Take a Comprehensive Birth Class

  • You will learn the six core concepts for comfort in labor that will lay the foundation for being able to work fluidly with your body when it is time to give birth. With knowledge about how your body works, you will be able to more effectively apply the comfort measures and skills you learn in a more meaningful and individualized manner.

  • You will also learn about the stages of labor and role play scenarios through an interactive online format. You will experience in your mind the potential paths that your labor might take, so that when it comes time to give birth your response will be more intuitive and natural. 

  • You will explore special circumstances and learn how to navigate them in a way that reduces risk and maximizes satisfaction.

  • You will gain the skills, tools and information needed to flow into parenthood in an easier, more positive way. You will develop skills for postpartum wellness, infant care, soothing strategies and breastfeeding.  

Perfect for Parents Who are Starting Their Journey or as a Refresher Class

I didn't learn how to work with my body or how to have a truly empowered birth until I was pregnant with my 5th baby! I had to search hard for this information. I want to share it with you so that you can have a deep and complete understanding of the birth process and have all of the information and resources to help you make informed and empowered decisions for your birth!

Take a Childbirth Education Class That is Focused on Meeting your Unique Needs

Interactive, Engaging, Informative

Pregnancy Preparation in the comfort of your home

Ask Wonder Explore

Have an Empowered Birth​

Be in AWE of your inner strength

Prepare your mind, body and soul for the birth of your baby

"After giving birth in a hospital twice, my husband and I decided to have our third daughter at home. We were looking for an empowering approach to childbirth. I wanted to view labor pain as something that can be managed in tandem with my partner. My husband and I wanted our children to feel involved in the process, should they so choose. And we both wanted to gain knowledge about the physiological experience of giving birth. Chava was more than our teacher throughout this process, she was a pillar of strength and peace. She helped our entire family feel emboldened in and a part of the process of preparing for a home birth. The night I went into labor, I channeled everything I learned with and from Chava, culminating in what was the single most incredible experience of my life."

- Erin

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